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My last Texturing Demoreel

General / 02 July 2019

Testing Substances and Arnold Renderer.

General / 16 April 2018

Playing with height maps. Work in progress .

Playing with Substance Designer.

General / 15 February 2018

Playing with Arnold Renderer and bump maps.

General / 15 February 2018

Here you can see some old probes using Arnold Renderer. I have focused on bump and displacement work. I’m working on it.

Playing with Arnold Renderer.

General / 15 February 2018
Old shading work (June 2016) using Mari and Arnold. I love focusing in fine details. Is still 60% of being finished.
-Animation Short of Christian Dan Bejarano.
-Modeling work by José Augusto Rodríguez.
-Shading and displacement work by José Grandal.